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Cloud-Based Medical Registries Make Patients’ Wishes Known

Most people don’t go around with living wills and “Do Not Resuscitate” orders in their back pockets.

For that reason, when an emergency strikes and a patient is unable to speak for him or herself, family members or physicians have to make critical health-care decisions without full knowledge of the patient’s desires.

That situation can be avoided when health-care providers, emergency medical personnel, and family members have immediate electronic access to documents describing a patient’s treatment wishes, Nathan…

…The partnership, announced Oct. 4, will allow secure sharing of advance care directives, including living wills, “Do Not Resuscitate” orders, and other documents conveying a patient’s treatment wishes. The “Medcordance” platform also allows sharing of documents among family members and caregivers at the patient’s request.

The platform will provide real-time access to Colorado MOST—Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment, which is similar to POLST, Dr. Carlo Reyes, CEO and founder of Health-e-MedRecord, told Bloomberg Law Oct. 5. An advantage of the electronic platform is “the ubiquitous nature of the cloud-based medical form,” he said.

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