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HealtheMedRecord introduces Medcordance™: a POLST eRegistry platform built by physicians to solve clinical problems in ways that non-clinicians could never think of.


A POLST eRegistry Solution built by the experts

Medcordance is the first POLST-eRegistry platform designed for clinicians, hospital and HIE networks, states, and most importantly, the patients who benefit from it.

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First Responders
Care Givers

Advance Care Planning

Advance care planning is an evolving conversation between clinicians and patients that continues from the outpatient clinic, to the inpatient setting, including the emergency room, med-surg floors, and intensive care units. Medcordance allows mobile, point-of-care communication and real-time updates of advanced care planning through secure document sharing and electronic auto-notification, an industry-first!

Connected PHR Technology

Health-e- MedRecord has solved the Interoperability problem! Through patient engagement with its proprietary Connected PHR technology™ , patients can directly access and share their own health information from any EMR connected to the Health-e- MedRecord Ecosystem.

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